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Hi! I'm Morgan! I'm a huge art and anime nerd. I love to read(just about anything). My current favorite anime is Attack on Titan. I want to be a pediatric RN.

Cedar Crest College

Nursing (Freshman)

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The Bully and The Victim

I have never been the victim of bullying, but the does not mean that I haven't seen the after affects.... I am the oldest of two girls and It was my younger sister who has been the victim of this harassmant for the last two years. I have seen the way it run.s kids and teens emotionally.I will never be able to look at someone who is bullied without wondering how they pushing through it. I have also become disgusted at how schools will try to brush it under the rug. This is something that needs stopped!

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Annie and Eren are the cutest!!!

My favorite piece of Annie and Eren fanart.....

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Tattooed and Sassy Levi....Uh Yes!

I have been obsessed with AOT for a year now and my addiction has only gotten worse..... I personally love Reiner! Yet, Levi has some......addictive qualities. Plus the fact that he is short and still a badass is cool too. I am honestly quite addicted when I see fanart of him with tattoos! Anyone else? My tablet is full of them!!!

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Shark Tattoos

I personally adore and am fascinated by sharks. Greta Whites are my absolute favorite. Sharks have become a hobby between my father and I. That is why I've decided to get a shark tattoo in the near futur.

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Morgan Lee just earned a profile!

Please welcome Morgan by checking out the profile:

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The Art of Tattoos

I believe one of the most beautiful art types is tattoos. It is a life long piece of art and dedication. This why I will continue to get tattoos!!!

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Wall Art is a Gorgeous Dedication to yourself

I believe that Wall Art is a beautiful style and way to express yourself. It lets you truly decorate your home the way you want it. It helps turn a house into a home! I am firm believer in wall art- from pictures to murals!

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Quotes and Canvases!

I know that everyone loves looking through quotes in the internet! I personally love painting those quotes onto canvases! Why turn that quote that inspires you into a piece of artwork?

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Snakes are beautiful

I know many people are afraid of snakes, but I believe them to be big sweethearts. I've had two ball pythons since I was twelve years old. King and Queen are my cuddly scaled babies. They have never bitten any member of family! They actually enjoy the grass in my front yard, being held and bathes! I could never be afraid of them. I do understand people's fear though, why trust something the has sweated teeth? I think people need to expand their hearts, that logic can be used for more than just snakes!

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Dressing up Dogs!

I find this adorable and funny. It reminds me of my chocolate lab before he passed. As a little girl, I would dress him up in my dress up clothes and parade him around my home. I miss him!

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