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Hilarious caring fathers

This is something my husband would do to my 13 year old daughter. He has said similar statements about giving her chocolate or not angering her while she is well....having a bad week.

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Harley 883

Harley has always been a passion of mine. I was raised with my father owing one, and grew up loving and admiring the elegance, sound and power a Harley has. I was about to purchase this one until the owner decided he no longer wanted to sell it to me, so now I am saving up to purchase a new one.

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Homework in college

That moment when you are an online college student and your talking to your screen the second you post your assignment. There have been many days where I turned in work thinking how did I even finish that in time.

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I'm Awesome

Humor for me is all about having fun with everyday. At work I am always joking around in a serious tone and then bursting out laughing when the other person thinks I am serious. I just love having fun.

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Funny kid quotes

Pinterest is full of funny quotes and pictures that people populate on their own, this post I found on Pinterest, has interactions with young students and their teachers. As I was reading each one, I would chuckle and my husband would have to read what I was reading.

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