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This man is known to the local people there since 17 years, his last Dog just died because it was so old of "age" and then people gave him this new puppy. The puppy got vaccines and everything, and he took care of him like his old dog who died. And then those scum wannabe animal right assholes took his dog without any right

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Jax Nemphis just earned a profile!

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The final fight of the series that is epic. Its animation is splendid and the story is also glorious and interesting.

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This hilarious series has its clash in the Pokemon world and shows all that is wrong within the hands of a kid.

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A comic from Dorkly where it depicts scenes that could have made that dragon ball series better.

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These humorous comics give a new look to games. The home page for this comic is:

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This is a fight between Netero and Meruem, SPOILER ALERT!!

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A man shoots a bird, but the bird doesn't quite give up the fight yet.

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