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This is one of my favorite YouTube videos. For anyone who has played an instrument, been to a wedding or listened to the radio, this video is a great example of how one tune can be recycled for decades and still be enjoyed by many generations. I present to you, "Canon in D" throughout the ages.

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Laci Robinson just earned a profile!

Please welcome Laci by checking out the profile:

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This video is a summary of of a survey I conducted with two graduate students about their social media use.

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A Website template for a shoe store

This site was designed to cater to all of your shoe needs! We have shoes for women men and children. I wanted to present a clean, minimalistic look to make navigating the site easy for visitors. This site is not live because it was a project from my Web Design class.

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Website Design For A Children's Book

The final project in my web design class was to create a website for a children's book. For the original Project, I used Photoshop, but last year I decided to re-create it using Illustrator.

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Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour Poster Design

Taking some time after classes were over to keep using Illustrator, and to practice using other tools in the program.

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This website shares information about what hydrocephalus is and also describes a personal account of how I've dealt with hydrocephalus from birth.

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