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Time to get creative hahaha

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Theodhora Dhesp just earned a profile!

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The title of Russel Brand's video is Bruce Jenner's Gender Identity: What should we think? Brand clearly states we should think NOTHING! I completely agree. We are all human beings and our personal lives should remain personal. It's also sad if we think about how Bruce Jenner has to get a sex change because his gender identity is not enough for society to take him (and others) seriously. Sex does not equal gender!! It's time for gender equality.

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Extremely interesting and horrifying, but I definitely do not recommend starting your day with this video. Save it for later.

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This is gorgeous and pretty simple!

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Arguably the funniest thing related to 50 Shades of Grey

Clearly, Spongebob had so much hidden commentary..hahaha

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Interestingly, pandas are at risk of going extinct because of their low birth rate. The reason for this is said to be that pandas have a low sex drive. This video seems to prove otherwise and makes one question how zoos should handle panda arousal or lack thereof. Human beings are not the only ones that need to love themselves down.

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