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Just a girl looking to get some more money to pay for college.


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Unique Medium

Someone at my school created an amazing sculpture using PENCILS

Posted in Art

Wheels printed out of metal!

Cool 3D-printed wheels that rotate well that are made entirely out of metal. Really cool

Posted in 3D printing

Dinosaur cake!

Probably low quality picture because I took it on my non-smart phone. A cute cake with dinosaurs for my baby cousin's birthday

Posted in Cake


A cute quote about love in a relative's house

Posted in Love


I love puns at Legoland

Posted in Pun

Doughnut what for...

A personal favorite pun

Posted in Pun


I've probably taken this test a dozen times, always with the same results.

Posted in Myers–Briggs Type Indicator


I remember when this game was so huge, my math teacher played it during class haha

Posted in Flappy Bird

Keep playing!

It's absolutely possible to get 2048, and also possible to go beyond that to 4096!!!

Posted in 2048 (video game)

2048 at Legoland

Such a popular game that it has it's own lego display

Posted in 2048 (video game)