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its offensive and funny

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its funny and offensive

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Some monks practice meditation in there dreams.

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Clark Hardy Braun just earned a profile!

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What about Teslas wireless electricity?

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Adobe cost money, the General Image Manipulation Program is free they both do the same thing.

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It looks like a boot right?

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"The Wall of Sound is the name some people gave to a super powerful, extremely accurate PA system that I designed and supervised the building of in 1973 for the Grateful Dead. It was a massive wall of speaker arrays set behind the musicians, which they themselves controlled without a front of house mixer. It did not need any delay towers to reach a distance of half a mile from the stage without degradation. Stanley, Owsley (April 5, 2006). Description of the Wall of Sound, Retrieved December 31, 2011.

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Night terrors can be and unintentional entering of a trance state, if calm is maintained intentional astral projection can be achieved.

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