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Posted in Sussle

One of the greatest and most entertaining jazz guitarists ever in my opinion.

Posted in Frank Vignola

An amazing version of the old time fiddle classic tune Sally Goodin'

Posted in Mark O'Connor

Gaelic Storm is featured in this dance scene of Titanic.

Posted in Gaelic Storm

Such a fun band they put on good music and a great show!

Posted in Gaelic Storm

Not the best quality but Barrage is definitely an interesting group to watch and to listen to. With the dancing and the playing they were the original Lindsay Sterling!!

Posted in Barrage

Though he might dress a little differently Rushad is like no one else when it comes to playing his cello.

Posted in Rushad Eggleston

Casey Driessen not only has taken the "chop" the furthest but he can sing while doing some insane rhythms!

Posted in Casey Driessen

Against common belief the string bass actually can play more than one note at a time :-)

Posted in Double bass

Using the "chop" Rashad Eggleston opens a new door two rhythm exploration.

Posted in Cello