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There are so many things out there in the world that I would love to share to you, along with my sometimes wacky or thought-provoking insights on them~ Enjoy!

East Union High School

Performing Arts and Nursing

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Trust me: even if you're not planning on trying this, the way he explains everything is incredibly entertaining XD

Posted in Body painting


Listen to the songs they post with this, it's amazing *_*

Posted in Rubens' tube

This is cute and all, but...

If you haven't watched this show, then you're in for a.... treat

Posted in Happy Tree Friends

I would love to be proposed to like this, or vice versa *_*

Posted in Mango

Kim Possible Phone Case

Just me and my nerdy wants for an awesome iphone case...

Posted in Mobile phone accessories

Pokedex Case

Now they just need to for sure make this for the next phones, then I will forever be content~

Posted in Mobile phone accessories

Music Cake

I would love to have this as my birthday cake ^_^

Posted in Birthday cake

Searching for the "Yuuki"

These two have terrifying similarities 0.0

Posted in Anime

When mom brings nutella to swim meets

Swimmers are ravenous eaters...

Posted in Nutella