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How do we know if everyone sees the world differently?

Posted in Reality

Your reality is actually set 80 milliseconds

Posted in Reality

Great quote by an amazing man

Never underestimate yourself and don't listen to people that call you an stupid. You'll find where you belong on the world eventually

Posted in Intelligence

Bertrand Russell

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge"

Posted in Knowledge

Netflix all the time

Always down to watch friends

Posted in Humour

What it means to be Canadian

This should be the new Canadian flag

Posted in Humour

Josh Burke just earned a profile!

Please welcome Josh by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

Are you this committed?

I want to know why someone remotely thought this was a smart decision

Posted in Tattoo

Not accepting Hitler to art school

Time travelers screw everything up

Posted in Humour

This video gives an interesting insight into what reality actually could be.

Posted in Simulation hypothesis