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It is such a blessing to be back in school after 20 years. I believe education brings opportunities to those who seek it.

North Hennepin Community College

Registered Nurse

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How can this Dougong get so large by eating sea grass and aquatic plants?

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Too Cute

Cute little puppy

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Manta Shrimp

I see you. Its eyes are so big

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Bizarre Animal

Its difficult for me to camouflage all this beauty. Tenrec is a small, insectivorous mammal native to Madagascar, different kinds of which resemble hedgehogs, shrews, or small otters.

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The Frog in a Frog Could Give Treatment To Humans

Researchers are searching for this gastric brooding frog last seen in 1985. This frog is rare in its ability to swallow its egg and eventually give birth in its mouth. Very unusual! What is more interesting is that tadpoles develop in the absence of acidic digestive juices in the stomach of the frog, which could give doctors a new treatment for stomach ulcers for humans. Awesome! My microbiology class has peaked my interests in animals, that can contribute to treatments for humans.

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