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Floyd County High School

Pediatric Nursing

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Speak Out

Make sure your voices are heard. Everyone has valuable insight and experiences, and you all deserve to be able to share them.

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If You're Feeling Down...

Here it is: Proof that good people do still exist.

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"Street art is nothing but vandalism!" you say? You might change your mind after looking at these.

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Prom Dress Inspiration, Anyone?

With prom right around the corner, there's never a better time to look at gorgeous prom gowns!

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Hemingway is a free, online writing check that I discovered on Tumblr. You copy and paste your writing into the text box, and it will check your spelling, tells you if you have too many adverbs or if your sentences are hard to read, shows you if you're using the passive voice, and gives you an overall grade level for how readable your writing is. I've been using this for my scholarship essays, and it's honestly been helping me out a ton. I highly recommend it, and hope it helps some of you as well.

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