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Posted in Sussle

My doodles

I drew this on myself when I was bored in line at Disneyland. My friend Michelle took the picture.

Posted in Doodle


My chickens are like this sometimes. We have 16 chickens. We got ONE egg yesterday. What the heck, chickens!?

Posted in Chickens as pets


You have come so far! Don't forget to look back and see what you have accomplished and how much you've grown.

Posted in Self-perception theory

People don't understand the way their actions can affect others. Don't do things that could potentially hurt someone. What may be a joke to you can actually be tearing someone apart.

Posted in Bullying

People need to become more aware of mental illnesses. By sweeping it under the rug and ignoring this prevalent issue, it just makes those who are inflicted feel like they need to hide something that isn't even their fault. Just like you don't "choose" to have diabetes or high blood pressure, those who are mentally ill don't choose. It can happen to anyone. Disease doesn't discriminate. Don't tell people that they can't have a mental illness if they don't have an awful life. It's important to talk about mental illnesses to inform the public about how a mental illness cant affect someone and help the people who are mentally sick to feel the support and love that they need to fight.

Posted in Mental disorder