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I'm a high school student in Maine who enjoys reading, writing, knitting, and dancing (but only when no one is watching).

John Bapst Memorial High School

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Here's a pretty good historical romance. I suggest you check out the post.

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These are great crafts to do when you want to lower your impact on the environment or when you're strapped for cash. You can do all of them with things you were just going to throw away.

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Everyone told me that romance novels aren't real-life romance, but in my experience, they are.

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Who doesn't like free books? They're amazing!

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I love this book myself. It's well-written and it kept my attention.

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I would have done this for Babson College, but I was accepted into a much cooler college ;)

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A: Do you have any cough drops? B: No. I've got some Velveeta though.

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For a cold night in front of the TV, this is the perfect activity.

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