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Helping animals is my passion. I love wolves. I love anime. And I love making new friends. Hi! :)

Kent State University


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When your cat is more photogenic than you..

But I still love her. :3

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College, the place where high end silverwear is anything you have to wash.

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This is Nova. A grey fox at Red Wolf Sanctuary in Indiana. He was rescued from behind a dumpster at a petsmart because someone decided a baby fox was too much to handle. Of course they are. They are wild. Not house pets. But he will be cared for now. In a loving place. With respect to the fact that he is wild but loved none the less.

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Soux is such a pretty girl.

It's that moment. That picture right there that helps to express the beauty I see in wolves. Her name is Soux. She lives on a wolf sanctuary in Indiana called Red Wolf Sanctuary. Her beauty is what is pure in this world of hate and violence. And she is just a puppy.

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Many people will try to say that animaniacs are "nerds" or "outcasts". But Fairy Tail saved my life in a time of deep depression and I love it for that. The animaniacs are my family. The community is my home. My friends are my happiness and the characters are my hope for the future. I'm proud to be this type of maniac. I'm proud to say Fairy Tail saved my life and I'm here because of anime. ?

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