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Posted in Sussle

Zipper Spider

I don't know this is even called a zipper spider but we named him Phil at band camp. He scared us. -photo credit Kathleen Jones

Posted in Spider


That feeling when you put on a new pair of Dinkles before a performance.

Posted in Marching band


At least at work I can eat these! Photo Credit-Kathleen Jones

Posted in Cannoli

Chevy Camaro 3rd Gen. Iroc 383

Pretty nice condition of the paint on this one and let alone it's nice for being an Iroc.

Posted in Chevrolet Camaro (third generation)

What I found walking home

While walking home from school one day, I met with this little guy who was in my path. I was distraught when I saw that he was not leaving behind a trail of slime. So, I guess Spongebob can't teach you everything guys.

Posted in Snail