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Posted in Sussle

For so long, the Bionicle website has been shut down. Now that Lego is making a new generation of Bionicle, the site is back up and running. However, there's not sign of the older tiers. I suppose this is bitter sweet, but there is a story that is being updated through videos (much like the old website during the final chapter of the first generation). I hope to see great things from the Bionicle universe.

Posted in Bionicle

YTPs can be rather silly sometimes. They can also reveal some silly things within the original source and augment that mistake to make it stand out. This video in particular makes fun of to movie, Le Miserable. To me, the funniest thing about this is the utter randomness. Unfortunately, YTPs are very hard to describe in writing because there are some sounds in the videos you can't spell out as they are so random. In other words, you just need to watch it. I've found that you either like it or you don't. For me, it was instantly funny, but I've met people that don't find it funny at all. It all depends, but, here is an example none-the-less.

Posted in YouTube Poop

The effects of drunk driving

I made this piece a while ago and it still gives me chills. Even though it may not be very good as it is rather amateur, the message is still there and quite a strong one at that. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder as to what can happen if you drive while under the influence.

Posted in Driving under the influence

I am very excited for this new up and coming update for Terraria this May. It has been a long time since there was any serious overhaul in the game. For a while, it seemed like they weren't going to update anymore and what we had was what we had, but now we have a lot more in store. This specific update is called the "Lunar Update" and it is exactly what you'd think. You can go to the moon! There are also more aesthetics being added in to make the game look more official. After this, it will be the last update, or at least that's what they say. However, some members of the original Terraria staff have already gotten a sequel in the works. Its release date is a little uncertain, but it is sure to be another exciting game to play later on.

Posted in Terraria

Honestly, solipsism is a great way to pass time if your'e bored. In no way is this a good way to live. If one were to live as extremely solipsistic, then they are to drive themselves mad and distrust everything they see in the world. Of course, I suppose I count myself as solipsistic, but only as far to say that I don't know if anyone else in the world is truly thinking. I wouldn't go as far to say that no one else but myself exists, or else how can I progress in this world? If one hopes to succeed in this world, one must forget about these petty thought experiments and carry on. In other words, extreme solipsism comes from, in my opinion, thinking too hard. I have not actually run into anyone that was extremely solipsistic, luckily.

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