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There's no crying in Pause Land.

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John F. Kennedy had a lot in common with civil rights protestors: he was democratic, of a poor background and he was also a minority due to his Roman Catholic faith.

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Napalm was heavily used in the Vietnam War by the United States in attempts to clear forestry and reveal hiding Vietcong soldiers.It is a jelly-like substance which ignites immediately and if come in contact with humans, it is capable of buying the flesh off of your bones.

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Did you know… The bridge that Dr. King and protestors crossed and were beat by racist mobs on their way to Selma was named after a confederate soldier who was also a member of the KKK.

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Did you know… After attending Pasadena City College in southern California, Jackie Robinson transferred to UCLA. There, he was the first and only student at the time, to earn a varsity letter in four sports: football, track, basketball, and baseball.

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