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Guns don't kill people, people kill people. = Flags aren't racist, people are racist.

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My mom used to slap my hand when I rolled my eyes at her. So now I automatically flinch whenever I catch myself doing it XD

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Am I the only one that can't stand wannabe gangsters wearing rosaries around their necks? Most of them don't even know their true purpose!

Posted in Catholicism

ASL is ranked as a Category 2 Language, making it harder (for English speakers) to learn than Spanish, Italian, French and German.

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Emily Williams just earned a profile!

Please welcome Emily by checking out the profile:

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You have to take a 6 hour test and then wait 2 months for the results.

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Graduation this Friday, only 6 years of mind-boggling education to go XD

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Just trying to get my 5 posts so I can get my own profile XD

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I was so afraid the first time I took a Spanish class, and now it's my major :)

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So excited to be a gaucho in less than five months!

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