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Ahhh...the famous Sprint. Wondering if you should switch to this service? Read on and find out. Sprint has pretty okay service, but unlike the other three carriers, it has nothing really to offer. Verizon has great service and phones; T-Mobile has excellent customer service and great prices; AT&T has...well...a SIM card slot; but what does Sprint really have? Their service is average, their selection are average, and everything about them is...average. So if you're looking for--you guessed it--*cough* 'average' service, go with Sprint.

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Okay, I have to admit, out of all four of the major cellular giants (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint), T-Mobile is the best. Although they have partially spotty service in some areas, their plans are pretty cheap, they offer roll-over data (and start you off with a whopping 10GB of 4G LTE), and they have excellent customer service. One thing to stay away from however--buying a new phone from them. To be honest, it's not really T-Mobile's fault; however, you never (EVER!) buy a new phone from a wireless company because it will put you in a contract, regardless of what they say. So, in my opinion, T-Mobile is a go!

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Looking for a cellular service to save you money? Look again, because AT&T isn't it! Although AT&T offers a great variety of phones, their plans and hidden fees are downright terrible. Oftentimes, AT&T becomes a magnet for lawsuits because they do shady things under the table and don't tell their customers. So if you really want to understand AT&T, just look up expensive in the dictionary.

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With four big-name wireless companies, it's sometimes difficult to choose which one is best. Well, look no further--Verizon is the worst. Yes, maybe they have great cellular service and awesome phones, but their prices is through the roof--sometimes $80 a month for the same services that T-Mobile offer at $50 a month. If I were you, I would stay away from here.

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As iOS 8 rolled on on contemporary iPhones such as the 6 and 6+ last year, many people forgot about the iPhone 4S. As seen in iOS 7, battery life is still horrible on the iPhone 4S. A full charge may last but a day, especially on GSM (or unlocked) iPhones. Of course, the UI change brings a fresh look to the iPhone 4S, and of course a fresh look to Siri as well. Much different from her launch in iOS 5, Siri became a bit sassier and smarter in iOS 8. Try asking Siri to change her name: a common response is "No. I am Siri and Siri I shall remain." Other than that, iOS 8 on an iPhone 4S is pretty good with buttery smooth graphics.

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Please note: this post is only for individuals who have an iPhone with a SIM card slot (most commonly AT&T and T-Mobile, but sometimes Verizon and Sprint). If your iPhone does not have a SIM card slot, this post is not for you. Check out my article about carrier flashing. There are three ways to unlock your iPhone: a hardware unlock, software unlock, and a carrier unlock. Generally, I recommend the carrier unlock--simply asking your carrier to unlock your iPhone for you. This is because it is the only way to ensure that your iPhone will stay unlocked through software updates and changes.

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