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Posted in Sussle

How do We Fix College Rape

Acquaintance rape is very common in colleges and very rarely do cases get reported leading colleges to believe their methods of stopping the epidemic have worked when in fact it has just moved further into the darkness. Cases where colleges do not acknowledge rape on their campus has also disheartened rape victims wishing to reach out but in fear their voices won't be heard.

Posted in Rape

Females Need Each Other

Internalized misogyny is a growing problem simply because it seems no one wants to be educated on the subject. We are conditioned and brainwashed as young girls to believe that we must constantly be in competition with one another, the prize being a male's attention. We begin to tear each other down to bring ourselves up so much that it becomes internalized inside of us to look at a female with short-shorts and immediately believe she is a 'slut' because she is directing people's eyes towards herself instead of our-self. While this does not mean each and every girl must sing Kumbaya around a campfire, it does mean that we must stop judging girls just like ourselves simply based on their appearance because who knows what told us to do so.

Posted in Misogyny

Why We Need Feminism

We need feminism because it is still acceptable for a woman's clothing choice to be the cause of her rape. We need feminism because girls as young as 11 and 12 years old are being sexualized because their breasts, which are arguably not sex organs, came in early. We need feminism because a woman sleeping with however many men she wants causes her to be degraded and called awful names while if a man does it he is applauded. We need feminism because we are still not equal in 2015 and that is a problem.

Posted in Feminism

The ultimate battle between lighter skin and darker skin. Darker skin is seen as 'nasty' or 'dirty' and all over social media you can find nasty little jokes, mainly about women, about darker skin. If you have darker skin you are 'meaner' and you 'tougher' and for some reason these ideas have stuck around until recently with the outbreak of many hashtags such as 'flexin' my complexion' and other skin positive movements. Then on the other hand if you have lighter skin you are not 'black enough' like you can measure a person's 'blackness' on a scale. While improvements have been made, these ideals are still very strong, particularly in the black community. The video showcases my exact feelings to this disturbed mindset.

Posted in Discrimination based on skin color

Reverse Racism Does Not Exist

This is a topic I feel very strongly about because as a black girl going to a predominantly white school, when I express my dislike for the appropriation of a white girl I am quickly labeled as racist but...reversed. I would immediately feel embarrassed of my behavior, adjust my comments to be more polite, and become the token black friend again while I watched as Becky sported my protective hairstyle as high fashion. The logic of it all confused me as I had to look more like my white friends for them to accept me while they all seemed to want to look and act like the old me. As I became more educated in my own history, I realized there was no such thing as reverse racism. The article explains my feelings exactly.

Posted in Reverse racism