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Christmas Portraits

The setup for holiday portraits

Posted in Portrait photography

Camera Settings for Christmas Light Pictures

Holidays are coming! Get a good picture using these tips. Camera settings: Canon Rebel T3i/50 mm 1.8 lens Manual Mode Settings: ISO – 400, Aperture – f/1.8, Shutter Speed – 1/20

Posted in Night photography

how to organize your t-shirts

1. It's ridiculously easier to find the t-shirts you want to wear because you can see all of them at once. 2. You'll start discovering t-shirts you never even knew you had because they've been shoved in the bottom of your drawer so long. (Seriously. It's like Christmas.) 3. You'll have oodles of new-found space that suddenly wasn't there before. (It's like magic!) 4. You'll be able to clean out those old ratty t-shirts you've long forgotten about. (Or turn them into something craftier...)

Posted in Organizing

Ingredients needed to make a smoothie

SO EASY! Just use these type of ingredients, pick and choose!

Posted in Smoothie

Use your shutter speed to make sparkler messages!

SO EASY! *Use a tripod *Set camera mode to M (manual) *Set f/stop to f5.6 *Set shutter speed to 4" (4 seconds) or slower (make the shutter speed faster for more defined words) *Set white balance to Tungsten *Make sure everyone writes their letters backwards!

Posted in Shutter speed

DIY Gift Bow

Love is - making your own bows. :) SO EASY!

Posted in Gift wrapping

DIY Gift Bow

Make your own bow and save money! SO EASY.

Posted in Bow

DIY Birthday Card

Make your OWN birthday card. Be creative! Pop-up balloons

Posted in Greeting card

Braided Bow for your hair!

Waht a cute idea! Be different today. :)

Posted in Hairstyle

It's very EASY to do this! And perfect for a little bit dressier hair.

Posted in Herringbone