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What to see some weird shoes? These are getting super popular with runners and athletes all over these days. Here is a popular brand that sells such unique shoes!

Posted in Shoe

One of the greatest monuments in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Posted in Ukraine

Disneyland Challenge is a great book for those interested in Disney secrets or for those who need a good...well...challenge! Lots of trivia! Needs a little updating but hey, if people like it, maybe they will come out with a new one! I highly recommend this book.

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A typical meal in Moldovan restaurants can consist of the traditional family-style foods eaten everyday in this country. Typically the meal will start with select vegetables (sliced cucumber, tomatoes) and Brinza cheese, a salty version of similar crumbly cheeses we may see in America. After this course, mama liga (a corn mush similar to Latin polenta) is paired with more Brinza cheese, pulled pork or other meats, and potatoes. If you are interested in visiting Moldova the food is delicious! You will certainly not be disappointed!

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Famous People with Celiac: Elizabeth Hasselbeck, a past contestant of Survivor and multiple time guest on The View, is one of the few known celebrities with this condition. Many people may not notice the short mention of her book The G Free Diet, on Wikepedia. This book contains everything from her story of diagnosis to how people can treat this illness or toleration of this common ingredient in everyday life. This book is great for those who need a little encouragement if you are a newly diagnosed celiac or know anyone that has this newly-found disease.

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Here is a Tonkinese of darker color, which confuses those who think of the classic depiction of Siamese cats in films like Disney's The Aristocats.

Posted in Tonkinese (cat)

Even holding a wild hedgehog can prove itself to be an easy task. If you are anywhere in the natural habitat of these cute creatures, go out at night and see them running around. You might just get lucky and be able to catch one, take my word for it! :)

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Take a jaunting car to tour the Kilarney National Parks!

Posted in Ireland

Interesting places in the country of Ireland. Ruins, castles and the beautiful scenery that Ireland has to offer.

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This is a vistor's video made to introduce others to the world of Peanuts at the Schulz museum!

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