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Tea or Coffee

Take one side, or take both--looking (mostly) good either way if you don't overdo it.

Posted in Tea

We could use spider silk in so many products that help save lives.

Posted in Spider

Check out these newborn lions--the first lions born on the Gaza strip. Do you hear how ADORABLE they are? I can't take it!!!

Posted in Lion

This is the infamous talking dog video.

Posted in Dog

This TED Talk by Jane McGonigal is about her research into gaming and how it can change the world.

Posted in Video game

This octopus is using a coconut either to hide or just have some fun--either way, could you get into a coconut?

Posted in Octopus

This looks so awesome and is so easy. The lemon juice spritz is seriously important. And probably even earlier in the process since my apple would probably be browning by the time I got to the head.

Posted in Apple

Check out my Circle of Life lip sync video, which I performed because of my undying love for the Lion King. UNFORTUNATELY, the sound IS slightly off from the video because Youtube is not perfect, making it SEEM like I'm off, but you can tell with when my staff hits the stage that it truly is a YouTube sync issue and not a lip sync issue. =)

Posted in The Lion King

The University of California, Irvine is hosting a free MOOC--a massive open online course--with subjects related to the Walking Dead that coincides with the new season.

Posted in Walking Dead