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Graduating Senior in High School this year. Born and raised for ~14 years in the Philippines. Loves to dance. Easy going and Out going. Family is first.

Idaho State University


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Love Comes in Different Forms

One of the form it comes in is the love you have for your family. I believe that it can be the strongest out of all. I believe it is the strongest for me.

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School Activity in the Philippines

Ever since I was a child I had participated in different school activities. One of my favorite is the United Nation Activity that we did in my old high school. We dressed up to the countries we were assigned and then eventually came together to dance surrounding the whole school with people who wore the different costumes of the nations they were assigned. It symbolized that people from different parts of the world can come together and celebrate in harmony.

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Photography captures the heart of not only the people who views it but also the people who were a part of it. This image captured the friendship these girls have.

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Watch it. To Know.

If you've been watching One Piece, You'll know what this means. Lol! :P

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Drew a sketch of fruits when I was bored!

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What makes it more Uh.Mazing!

What makes photography even more breath taking are the people in it.

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NO matter how small it is, bullying IS bullying. Be it in real life or social media, bullying IS bullying. You never know what happens. Small matters could lead to bitter and painful endings. This child deserved the life he wanted; everyone does. It's not a matter of who's at fault, it's a matter of not ever doing it because we are talking about lives that are important, maybe not to us, but the families and loved ones who are left alone with nothing but memories. Imagine a life without your precious ones, what emotions do you think are being pulled up from within you? Do you think you could handle it? DO you think you could live with it? It might seem okay, but it is never okay! Bullying IS Bullying.

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Best Feeling!

The second best thing after family is friends. They support and help you in times of need and join you in moments of happiness and joy. It was my pleasure to graduate last Month with my friends, some whom I just got to know this year, some whom I just got closer this year, and some i've known longer. WE are going to go our separate ways but I know that our friendship will stay within our hearts forever. Not only did we experience the greatest feeling of joy, knowing that we have survive and are graduating but also the greatest feeling of creating that one of the most important moment in our life with the friends we owe ourselves to. Hmmm, I wonder.. this must be what they call the "Best Feeling!"

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I think that using a planner in college will help one to organize themselves better! I better get one when I start this fall! :P

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During our Filipino Festivities.. My lovely friends danced with me! And it was a blast. We were the BOMBS.

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