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Robin Williams

He was gold.

Posted in Humour

The Expectations Commercials Give Us

Or I would use my ninja skills...

Posted in Humour

Samoa Truffles

Those look so delicious!

Posted in Food

Don't Forget Those We've Lost This Fourth of July

I took this a few years ago at Ground Zero and I hope it acts as a reminder of not only September 11th, but also July 4th, the day we celebrate our freedom.

Posted in Photography

Guerilla Art

The best type of art is the kind that can turn an everyday object into something beautiful.

Posted in Art

Isabella Diorio just earned a profile!

Please welcome Isabella by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

Strawberry's n Cream, Chocolate Chip, or S'mores? Take Your Pick.

Posted in Starbucks

Money is Beautiful

I do this with all of my friend's birthday presents, but instead of money I write a check. They tend to love the heart and don't want to ruin it, therefore they never cash it and I don't go broke.

Posted in Dollar

Catholic Probs

Exactly why I never do that...

Posted in Catholicism

Hopefully The Balloons Pop Before She Does...

Adorable gender announcement!

Posted in Baby announcement