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ATTN: Environmentalists, scientists and thirsty people!! This is an informational video depicting how to make edible water bottles!! Cut down on pollution while creating something absolutely fascinating!!

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Spring Snowmelt in the San Juans

This photograph was taken between Cascade and Silverton, CO.

Posted in San Juan Mountains

Historic Storefronts

Silverton has a main drag less than a mile long with beautiful historic storefronts painted all different colors. It is truly a beautiful sight.

Posted in Silverton, Colorado

The First Paved Road in Silverton, CO

This picture depicts the beautiful scenery, uninhibited by this quaint little mining town.

Posted in Silverton, Colorado

Social Mention is a website that allows you to search the web to see who is talking about your product. It will show you what pages your searched "topic" has been mentioned on, how many views it has gotten, and your social reach on the internet. It also provides links to the places where your topic has been mentioned. Social Mention is a very useful tool for gaging your marketing success.

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New Orleans is known world-wide for its incredible live music. The local New Orleans non-profit radio station, WWOZ, compiles a list of live music happening every night of the week in the beautiful Crescent City. Tourists and locals alike look to this conmprenmnsive music calendar to help them get the most out of the famous New Orleans music scene. Check out who's playing tonight!!

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WWOZ compiles a list of Live Music happening in New Orleans every day. This is the place to go to find out what is happening in the beautiful Crescent City any night of the week.

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