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Famous people who graduated from North Hollywood High School, also known as NoHo, includes Mayim Bialik, Cuba Gooding Jr, John Williams and Larry Agran.

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Alton Brown is one of the most respected celebrity food chefs on the Food Network. He is most famous for his show Good Eats (in which he demonstrates how to cook many different kinds of food as well as the science behind cooking), being the host to Iron Chef America, being a mentor on The Next Food Network Star, and for hosting the new show Cutthroat Kitchen.

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This is a list from the Girl Scouts of America website with descriptions about the different cookies they are so famous for.

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Matchbox Twenty is hosting a cruise along with the Goo Goo Dolls December of 2013. The cruise leaves from Florida goes to Nassau, the Bahamas, and then returns to Florida.

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This song does not have all the countries as of today but does have a vast majority.

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Aurebesh is the most commonly seen written language in the Star Wars movies. It is 26 letters based of the current Latin alphabet. Unique symbols replace the 26 letters in the English alphabet. 12 Punctuation marks are also converted with unique symbols. This alphabet is also seen in the Star Tours rides in the Disney theme parks.

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This video is a parody of the song "Thrift Shop," by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Created as a video just for fun and show that there is more to the engineers at Purdue than nerdy bookworms who can code, it received a lot of good and bad publicity. Some people claimed that the video, while trying to break the normal stereotypes of engineers, only enforced the stereotype that there are few to none women engineers and that they are more of a joke rather than engineers to be taken seriously. Most Purdue students who watched this video seemed to enjoy it because it was fun, entertaining and something to take the minds away from the projects and exams.

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Mickey Mouse originally was not going to be named Mickey. After the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt began sketching his most well known creation. When he first showed the drawings to his wife, Lillian, he told her his name was Mortimer. Lillian didn't like the name and said something to the effect of "He looks more like a Mickey." Thanks to her, Mickey Mouse is the most lovable mouse on the planet.

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