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Dreams and realization of those dreams don’t always come to us when the timing is right, but when they do, the only thing that will bring those dreams to life is action and action right now. So here I am, ambitiously motivated 30 year old psychology student who has decided to whole heartedly embrace the decision to pursue a lifelong passion. This is my dream and I’m not stopping until I've achieved the educational background necessary to acquire any position I desire in the field of psychology that positively influences the lives of those around me.

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I love this idea!

This is my kind of traveling!

Posted in Camping

This is man hair!

Just getting rid of my 5 o'clock shadow!

Posted in Hair

Yes its a purebred.

I had a dream about a stallion last night and woke up like this.

Posted in Hair

Time for your bath little buddy!

I'm guessing this is after feeding!

Posted in Snake

Why yes actually, I washed it this morning!

It's my own superficial women repellent!

Posted in Hair

Get ready for take off!

I wonder if I could get a fighter jet hair style!

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Get your own personal napsack dog!

The dog actually looks he's quite comfortable.

Posted in Dog

Does my hair look ok?

You know I'm just not sure if this outfit is working for me!

Posted in Macro

Nope it's not dead!

This is an amazing story of a man and his pet alligator!

Posted in Animal

Why did you do that?

Now look at me!

Posted in Cat