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Bravery is throwing your whole self backward on a narrow beam simply believing in your ability to perform well and catch yourself if you fall.

Posted in Gymnastics

Life Can be Beautiful

Life can be beautiful, but we may fail to see that. We may fail to pinpoint joy and glistenings of hope in the midst of anxiety, but they are there. We just have to close our eyes and minds, and feel with our hopeful hearts.

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Crying is a Good Thing

Personally I love a good cry. There is nothing better than breaking down and finally realizing how I really feel inside.

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A beautiful piece of music that allows me to meditate and take a step back during the most stressful times in life. God knows who we are and he'll help us attain the same self-confidence/ identity as well.

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This is the introductory podcast to a great sermon series by Kit Culver. He begins by providing an in depth look at Jesus's genealogy and then leads into discussing our infatuation with be moralistic. It is cearntainly a thought provoking series, that allows us to inside the minds of our young societal members.

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