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Posted in Sussle

comic book started by superman. hmmm how interesting!!

Posted in Comic book

why is mobile phones only use a short range of a single, private base station?

Posted in Mobile phone

I didn't know animals body can be fixed as they develop. like fixed as in how? I don't get it.

Posted in Animal

I saw the word soft when I was looking up how brown sugar was made of. but how can brown sugar be soft when its hard like a rock, like it takes time to dissolve into water or any substances you put it in.

Posted in Brown sugar

OMG!! I just found out something that I never thought of reading from a rice Krispy source like OMG. can y'all believe rice Krispy is actually made out of rice and not baked wheat as I always imagined and it has salt in it too, like OMG I didn't even know that, because since it doesn't taste like rice to me but tasted like baked wheat. so I always thought Rice Krispy is actually a made up name but in reality its made with baked wheat. plus I taste no salt when am eating a Rice Krispy, because its all sugar, sticky and crunchy kinda. ooooooo woooooow how interesting. hope y'all understand though, because I never knew that. no joke!!

Posted in Rice Krispies