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Allowed by the FDA, peanut butter may contain insect parts or animal hairs. "Average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams." Check out the source for other non-harmful food defects.

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Elsa from Frozen. See more from Npantz22 on deviantart.

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Despite the Disney movie, Hercules did not live happily ever after with Megara. She was his first wife who he either left or killed. Disney's version of their first meeting is actually how he met his second wife Deianira when he saved her from a river god in the form of a centaur (not a satyr).

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The number four is bad luck in Korea like how 13 is unlucky in the USA.

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Winged Victory

My favorite statue. The first artwork you come across entering the main galleries of the Louvre. It is the Greek goddess Nike. Some of it is reconstructed, but they kept the figure arm- and headless because it is regarded as perfectly beautiful without them.

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correction to EX2. There is a 100% chance the child will have brown eyes. BB is brown eyes and Bb is brown eyes. The only difference it that the child has 50% chance of caring the recessive allele and passing it to their child. Sorry

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Consider a dad with brown eyes and a mom with brown eyes. Brown dominant, blue recessive. 1) B B B BB BB B BB BB or 2) B B B BB BB b Bb bB or 3) B b B BB Bb b Bb bb EX1) Both parents have 2 dominant alleles. 100% chance their child has brown eyes with 2 dominant alleles. EX2) One parent has a recessive allele, but the dominant allele still makes brown eyes. 50% chance the child has brown eyes, 50% chance the child has blue eyes. EX3) Both parents have 1 recessive allele. 75% chance the kid has brown eyes, 25% chance blue eyes. If both parents have blue eyes, 0% chance the kid has brown eyes. Chances are per child. In #3, it doesn't mean 1 in 4 offspring have blue eyes and 3 in 4 have brown.

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Hollywood Studios final show

See Ariel at the back of the boat there? When the fireworks are ready to go off, all the characters head inside for safety, except Ariel. Her tail traps her. So Prince Eric throws a fire blanket over her and leaves her there, alone.

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At Hollywood Studios, the final show when the park closes is really great. They use a wall of water and project images of heroes and villains.

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