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Id sell my soul for some homemade mac and cheese

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Posted in Sussle

My lacrosse coach, Coach Balish, didn't like how we were playing one game and tried to break a plastic clip board over his knee.....the clip board bounced and flew in the air. I have never ran so many sprints in my life before for laughing

Posted in Humour

Male Friend: Can we make a prom draft this year of should get asked? Me: You are the only one at this table without a prom date Male friend: Oh......

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My prom date last year pulled his groin trying to get low with me. lol i squat.....

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The Happiest Moment

The happiest moment with my first true love

Posted in Boyfriend

I was once in a verbally abusive relationship. I allowed the boy to tell me that unless i gave up my sport or my friends that he wouldnt love me. I was weak and I believed him. It took me four months to take a stand against his verbal and sexual abuse towards me. I finally told my mom that I didnt know how to get out and I have never been more greatful for my mom until that day. I encourage all young girls or boys in abusive relationships to seek help from parents and loved ones. The most tragic ending is the one where your loved ones aren't crying next to you

Posted in Domestic violence

For the past two years I have been involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of Darkness walks, in support of my great friends. I look to her for her strength and understanding and most importantly bravery, since she speaks about the lost of her own brother to suicide. Just recently (about three days ago) my cousin ended his own life. My family is beyond heart broken and I myself in other disbelief. I have turn to the AFPS to help in such a tragic time, as i begin to volunteer and raise more money for the organization, since I know understand truely how horrible it is to be marked a "survivor." I did learn something from my cousin's tragic end, I learned that the happiest memories are the only ones you can hold on too

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