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White opaque ice with diameter of 2 to 5 mm. Brittle, crunchy, and bounce or break upon hitting a hard surface. Form by ice crystals sticking together or by accretion.

Posted in Graupel

At a given temp the sat. vapor press over ice is lessthan the sat vapor pres over H20. As a result, h20 vapor is prefrentially attracted to ice versus H20

Posted in Bergeron process

Freezing of water drops as the impinge upon an exposed object

Posted in Hard rime

The max water vapor pressure that can be achieved at a given temp. and air pres

Posted in Vapor pressure

An index that combines the air temp and R.H. to determine and apparent temp, i.e., what "feels like" to the average person.

Posted in Heat index

forms when relatively warms, moist air moves horizontally over a cooler as the air passes over the cooler surface, it transfers heat downward to cool diabolically

Posted in Fog

temp needed to cool the water out of the air (e.g., ice tea on a hot day). High dew point: lot of vapor. Low dew point dry air.

Posted in Dew point

Add water vapor to the air (shower or water evporated from rainfall). Mix cold air with warm air (stream fog or mixing fog). Lower the temp to the dew point.

Posted in Saturation

A generic term for the amount of water vapor present in the air.

Posted in Humidity

Heating or cooling the lower atmos. Advection of cold and warm air at different levels.

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