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How to make paper-thin sweet crepes from scratch in a regular frying pan. Step-by-step photos and instructions

Posted in Crêpe

Ethiopian snakeskin opal

Posted in Opal

Scorpion Spider Conch (Lambis (Millepes) scorpius scorpius)

Posted in Conch

Coral Tooth Fungus (Hericium Coralloides). Who would have thought that fungus could be so pretty.

Posted in Basidiocarp

Earth star fungus, Gaestrum triplex, ejecting spores.

Posted in Geastrales

Ginger is so good for you! This infographic explains why.

Posted in Ginger

Great info on the nutritional value of the chia seed.

Posted in Salvia hispanica

Great health information and recipes for flax seed.

Posted in Flax

Coconut oil infographic. There is some really great information on here!

Posted in Coconut oil

Baby Harp Seal

These little guys are just too stinking cute!

Posted in Harp seal