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Shawarma's are also popular in Spain because of the Arabic influence. You can find many döner kebab places in Granada which is located in southern Spain.

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Some Belizean Creole proverbs

Posted in Belizean Creole

Has just been named No. 9 in the Washington Monthly's list of top US Schools in the nation

Posted in University of California, Riverside

Hollister Co. non-management employees are called models if they work in the front and Impact's if they work in the stockroom. All of Hollister Co.'s actual print models were employees in the store.

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it's a great place to dive with divemaster Eric. It's also nice for snorkeling, you can get some great views of different rays by just renting snorkel gear or bringing your own and jumping right off the pier.

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CSU BA and MA in Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding

Posted in Peace and conflict studies