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I have been a Mint user since its beta days. It's been the best tool for helping me track all my transactions across multiple credit cards. You can set alerts, budgets, and I find their up-sell of products (which is how Mint makes money) to be very non-intrusive.

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As pet owners, we all want our little buddies to be protected. However, I've been reading more about what vaccines actually do, what kinds your dog(s) need, and even method of delivery (e.g. bordetella can be delivered nasally and subcutaneously (shot)). Here's a good link to get started.

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I made the mistake of getting my dogs vaccinated at the vets when I first got them. The cost was 3x more than at a vaccination clinic! Currently, I use VIP Pet Care for vaccinations although your local Humane Society or SPCA will often offer low-cost vaccination clinics. This also applies to neuter/spay. My vet wanted to charge $500 for neuter my dog. I paid $99 at the Humane Society.

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I hiked the Hermit trail in mid-September and encountered maybe 4-5 other people...which is amazing for the south rim. The hike is very strenuous because the trail is covered with shale and not paved like Bright Angel or South Kaibab. However, for those willing to make the 5 mile round trip hike from the trail head down to Santa Maria Spring - it's absolutely worthwhile because this part of the canyon looks completely different than mid/east canyon. There's also a cool little covered shelter that includes a rocking chair & a bench. Good to know if you get stuck.

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The "Skywalk" which is located in the west rim of the Canyon is actually 4 hours away from the south rim. If you have to choose west vs. south, I would recommend the latter because of the vistas & hiking.

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I personally use coconut oil for cooking, in my dog's food, and also as a body moisturizer. The versatility can be a bit weird at first, but I have found all 3 methods very effective. My favorite brand was Nutiva, but Trader Joe's now has it beat since it's a few dollars cheaper.

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I really like West Elm's designs - it's also very convenient that you can use any Williams Sonoma brand gift card at West Elm (e.g. Pottery Barn).

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This is the best source I've found for Apple Cider Vinegar remedies. As a wannabe holistic medicine junkie, I have found ACV to be quite good at quieting coughs (when mixed with hot water), and a non-toxic topical treatment for dog hot spots.

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This is my pit bull, Roxy. We're not sure if she's purebred or mixed - I personally think she has some lab in her. Either way, this type of pit bull is called "blue nose" - odd since their nose is not blue. Pit bulls are quite controversial due to the negative media coverage. However, I firmly believe that it is the owner, not the dog that dictates how a dog will behave.

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