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This is sad, but cute at the same time.

Homeless man and his dog in the US. At least he still has someone he can trust and rely on =)

Posted in Homelessness in the United States

How to get rid of PIMPLES!!

Before you try this- I just want you to know that it has worked on my type of skin, but I'm not sure if it works on all. This is what I do and It reduces my pimple size that same day. Hope it works for someone else, but I will not guarantee since I have not tried it on any one else. Here we go- Good Luck! Take a piece of orange peel and squirt the juice on the zit or big pimple. (ONLY WORKS ON ZITS not on small pimples) As it burns it down for a while( say 5 minutes) wash it off with warm-to-hot water(depending on what your skin can resist). Wait 10 minutes before trying it again. Do not spray any where near your eyes because the peel juice is very acidic and will definitely burn your eyes!! HOWEVER, if you do want to try a large part of your skin for small pimples, lemon juice and sugar grains works perfectly as a face wash. I pre wash my face first with very warm water, then apply the lemon juice on my face(AVOID EYE AREA) wait 3 minutes and rinse. Should only be done once a day and at most 3 times a week, because if done everyday or too many times- your face might get used to it like mine did for a while that it might not work anymore. Good luck! Since it might be your first time trying this. I suggest you try it first on a small part of your face, to see how it reacts to it first. I've experimented so much with my face and this has worked. Hope these methods work for you too!

Posted in Acne vulgaris

Hilary Duff before and after bleaching her teeth!

Wow! What bleaching is capable of doing! Makes smiles brighter ;D

Posted in Tooth bleaching

Lily Collins(Celebrity)

Some celebrities and people consider thick eyebrows to be very fashionable and natural beauty as long as it has some sort of defined shape. I don't know about you but although I think Lilly Collins for example looks gorgeous with her thick eyebrows, I still think she will look even more beautiful if her eyebrows were just a tad thinner. Anyone agree?

Posted in Eyebrow

Sleep Paralysis happens to almost everyone at least once in their lifetime! It still hasn't happened to me, and I surely hope that I'm not part of the almost =0

Posted in Sleep paralysis

"A Girl" by Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is know for making very life-like sculptures! This picture says it all! This newborn baby sculpture is 15 feet long!

Posted in Art

Keegan Phillip Allen- One of the best photographers. Check out his works on Instagram! @keeoone

Posted in Camera

For those of you that don't know-Today is Peru's independence day!! Happy 28th of July to all Peruvians!! =D

Posted in Independence

Definitely motivational! something we can all relate to. Never give up!

Posted in Motivation

Check out this link! It gives you tips on how to get more motivated to study and how to stop PROCASTINATING!

Posted in Study