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Planning a trip? LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO! Kristin Harmel, author, tells it all: where to dine, where to drink, where to stay and what to do

Posted in Travel

Who doesn't love a little Cosmo? Here are a couple of things Kate White (ex editor-in-chief of Cosmpolitan) would not like to hear during an interview

Posted in Cosmopolitan (magazine)

I was awake on Friday , August 26th at 1:30 am when the breaking news that someone splashed green paint on Lincoln's Memorial spread the web so this article was nice to read and a great memoir of why we admire Lincoln so much.

Posted in Abraham Lincoln

Five sentences is all you need to get your point across, choose carefully! Another submission about emails.. They're just so important in today's world

Posted in Social entrepreneurship

Building your first résumé can be overwhelming and full of unorganized thoughts. This website will help you build THE PERFECT RÉSUMÉ seriously. Hint: instead of paying.. Just copy and paste your résumé to Word at the end (;

Posted in Résumé

Be "impressive and put-together" as of today

Posted in Career