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I'm a music major in my last year of school. It doesn't look like I'll be getting help from financial aid so I'm hoping for the best! I hope I post good stuff!!

Westfield State University


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This year for Halloween I am using one of those whoopee cushion costumes. I also have purchased a farting sound machine, and I think I might have a "Free Hugs" sign on me, and use the machine whenever someone gets a hug. I think it might just brighten up a few peoples day.

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In my apartment at school we started a tradition last year called cinnamon bun sunday. We just have cinnamon buns or rolls on sunday as a fun thing for us all to get together. We did it through last year, and this year we brought it back and introduced it to some of our new roommates. It may be small but the small things help bring people together.

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I don't think Kevin likes roller coasters.....

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Coffee Owls!!

The various stages of coffee drinking owls

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The Genie

Probably my favorite role Williams played. Rest In Peace Genie. You're free.

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Soda Stream!

I am not a huge soda drinker anymore, but I do still enjoy using my soda stream. I think what I like most about it is the use of the CO2. I don't like to have my soda too fizzy, and it really allows me o make a soda to the way I like it.

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Fun story from school. A few of my roommates were in the same music history class. Every time they had a test coming up, they would study and then we would get a bunch of people and go get taco bell afterwards. It ended up turning into a "Let's see how much stuff we can get in one taco bell trip!" I think the most we spent was a little under $90 for about 9 people. We enjoy the food, and although the employees weren't always happy, it was a fun time. A few of us are in a class together this upcoming semester, so who knows, maybe these fun trips will become our taco bell tradition! Side note: The Quesarito is delicious. Go buy one!

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This is a podcast made a by a friend of mine. He puts in a ton of work to get these episodes made, and they are great! Podcasts are released once a month, and are about people, and what they have done that was inspired by video games. I recommend you check it out.

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Marauder's Mug

Harry Potter themed mug, where it changes from saying, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" to "mischief managed" depending on the temperature of the mug. Really cool, and great for any fan of the series. I hope I can pick one up eventually!

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Lucario is my favorite pokemon. You can build them so many different ways, each as fun as the last. Always a solid choice.

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