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Hello, my name is Emily and I am seventeen years old. :) I am hoping to attend college in the US virgin Islands after I graduate high school in June.

Brattleboro Union Highschool

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School Spirit with my friend who plays high school football!

I love to support my friend, representing him was amazing. Got to love football!

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I find most of these very true. Although I found some I personally don't know how to do, it gives you great information on how to do them. I really loved this article.

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I love this quote.

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Cherish memories

a good question to ask yourself...

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Lauren is an inspiration. Having played basketball my whole life, I can't imagine her struggle. Her love for the game is like no other. This video will bring tears to your eyes. Basketball is more than a game, It truly is.

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Shawn Achor is a remarkable man. From this video I learned more things about happiness than I have ever known my whole life. It is a long video, but it is worth the whole hour. I encourage others to take this mans advice. I also am looking forward to reading his book "Before Happiness" knowing it will have tremendous impact and positive advice.

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