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Copper can slowly kill a tree. Be careful if you have any old pennies or nails and so happen to get them stuck/nailed in the tree.

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I personally really liked this song. It was really nice and even sounds pretty good at 1.25 speed. Here's so that you can listen to it.

Posted in The High Road (Three Days Grace song)

Of their most recent album, I think that this song is the highlight of it!

Posted in Three Days Grace

Did you know that Elf makes a clear "matte" nail polish that will make other glossy nail polishes matte once painted over?

Posted in Nail polish

This is a pointed french tip with Love & Beauty nail polish from Forever21

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100 x 100 In-N-Out Burger

The first number correlates to the number of meat patties while the second relates to the number of cheese slices. I'd love to try one of these one day, given the meat's cooked all the way through and I have a team of friends!

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This lists even more secret tips to the In-N-Out secret menu that wasn't posted. Ranging from salad on the side to wish burger.

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In-N-Out has a Not So Secret Menu posted on their website that shares their secret menu including Animal Style: "burger of your choice with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty; add pickle, extra spread with grilled onions."

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I'm not sure how much exercise hamsters need but I used to take my hamster out to let him run around a closed space (larger than his cage though). He'd love to squeeze through tight spaces. Also my hamster liked to dig tunnels in dirt while I know another hamster didn't so I guess it depends on you to find out what your hamster like to play/eat.

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Sorry for the repost below. They also have a new segment, D I C K S - Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang. I think it is the Saturday release.

Posted in Eatyourkimchi