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Posted in Sussle

Guama or the Ice Creme Bean

Looks like cotton but tastes absolutely like candy. Eating these was the best when I visited Colombia.

Posted in Fruit

cat stroller

What an absolute baby! The local gallery's cat taking a snooze in an installation piece. photography by me

Posted in Cat

One of the most gorgeous fantasy paintings I have seen. His oil painting mastery is something to envy at. Check this guy's art out his fantasy paintings are unreal!

Posted in Art

Sunset photography

Sunsets are so spectacular. This photo taken by my Dad just shows off the colors or the sky and his potential for photography. lol.

Posted in Photography

Different types of printmaking

Printmaking is a useful and artistic form of recreating an image on paper through a printing press. By using a Monotype technique or a design that can only be printed once you can create a one of a kind image! Add a ghost print which is a secondary print over and you add a beautiful touch to your piece.

Posted in Printmaking