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Posted in Sussle

Alleyway Gorilla

I was just strolling through an alleyway when I cam across this massive gorilla. I wonder how long it took to make this thing. I liked how the artist used the electrical box and other components (bottom left) to make it look like a weird machine hub. Photographer: Me

Posted in Graffiti

The power of the Iphone 5c

Now I know using an Iphone for professional photography doesn't seem ideal but... the results seem to show otherwise. Photographer: Me

Posted in Photography

Has this ever happened to you?

Posted in Walking

Here is a video about a world record free dive of 100 meters. This is insane. It mixes two of my favorite things... world records, and spectacular video coverage.

Posted in Freediving

I just wanted to give people a heads up about the annual Street Painting Festival in my small town of Lake Worth, FL. Artists from all over the country come down to the Sunshine State for this festival to showcase street art. Just thought it was something cool for people to see. The best part is that its FREE. Just taking a walk downtown I captured some art in the making. Video created by: ME Song: Walking by The Dodos

Posted in Videography