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Posted in Sussle

Beauty all around

Beautiful sunset at the beach

Posted in Sunset

Heart Tree

I drove by this cut down tree, and just had to stop and take a picture, because I thought it was incredible.

Posted in Tree

Horses, not pony's

These horses are smaller than American horses, yet don't ever make the mistake of calling them pony's, because those living in Iceland get very offended. Their horse are bread specifically smaller, because they can pull loads like a mule.

Posted in Icelandic horse

Beautiful Iceland

Staring at awe at the beauty in Iceland was the majority of this trip. Traveling to different countries is such an amazing experience, and you learn so much.

Posted in Iceland

West Coast Beauty

Just got back from visiting the west coast, and it was so beautiful and interesting. Miles of beaches seemingly untouched by people.

Posted in Coastal California