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Caucus Racers

Who has no vocal chords, two stomachs, and pee out of their faces? These little guys!

Posted in Lobster

New Cup, New Cup, Move Down, Move Down!

The Mad Hatter, one of my favorite Disney characters, can be traced back to the riddle 'How Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?'. Psst: Poe wrote on both

Posted in Mad Hatter (disambiguation)

Ashley Hartwig just earned a profile!

Please welcome Ashley by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

I Won't Grow Up!

'Never Grow Up' is Peter Pan's motto, for the Lost Boys in Neverland are forever young. "I won't grow up...and if someone tries to make us, we will simply run away!"

Posted in Peter Pan

Spin On

When wildly spinning at the Magic Kingdom, be sure to keep an eye on the tea pot in the center. Some lucky eagle-eyed guests may be able to spot the Dormouse popping his head out!!

Posted in List of Magic Kingdom attractions

Words To Live By

Has Bill Murray ever steered you wrong before?

Posted in Life

My Home

I've grown up 20 minutes from Disney World, and going to it has brought a smile to my face. Never have I ever gotten bored from it.

Posted in Walt Disney World

Meme Relief

Probably the best thing to send to the person in your squad who's always getting roasted

Posted in Meme