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People have told me: "You're quiet." "You're so chill." "You're funny." "You look like a model." "You look like a person I would see on a cover of a magazine."

King George High School

Biology maybe?

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This is probably the most powerful song that I have ever listened to. In sixth grade I actually had to sing this in chorus with my class. There's a version for Haiti as well.

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So the other day at work, a customer asked me for a blank piece of receipt paper. Confused, I gave her a piece and she folded it over the edge of her card, then swiped it. Seeing that I was highly confused, she explained that her card had a dent in it and the register wouldn't read it unless the receipt paper was over it. It blew my mind. Just a little FYI for those of you who have damaged cards. For me, no more typing in 16 digit numbers TWICE!

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For Those of You Who Take Advanced Math Classes

This has helped me so so so much in AP Calculus. Sometimes I feel silly for doing little movements in class to help me remember but guess who's getting an A? Me. :) Took a screenshot of this picture on @nextflixs page on Instagram. Hope it helps!

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Try This

My friend Kyleigh took this photo while we were in Vegas. It's a panorama of the South Point Hotel and Casino. She didn't expect it to turn out this way but, man it's cool! The building itself looks like two separate buildings put together to make a 90 degree turn so maybe that's why it turned out so weird...

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All Colors Are Beautiful

I took this picture at a beach in California while my family and I were going on a road trip. I recently used it for inspiration for a reflective essay I was writing. It was about race; not only in America but throughout the world. Notice how all the colors in it make a beautiful image. That's what we should be doing. All of us, no matter our color, should be working together to make great things happen just as this photo does.

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