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Posted in Sussle

Nintendo's video games and hardware have always been innovative, ranging from the video game controller to the Wii U Gamepad. Another innovation was The Legend of Zelda as it was the first video game to have a save function. One of their best innovations was the Nintendo DS, as it was the first video game handheld with touch-screen capabilities.

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The interesting thing about this is that Pokemon is an anime that came out in the 90's, and it all started from a video game. However, the anime is a strong form of marketing, and to this day is still very popular. The 90's was the time of the anime renaissance, and many animes benefited from this, having strong reputations throughout the years.

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The interesting thing about this is that people should be able to enjoy whatever they want without people making them feel bad about it. No person should be ridiculed for their interests.

Posted in Gender role

The thing that makes family guy funny is that it is an exaggeration of real life. Family guy's main characters are a weird and wacky family, with each member having their own distinct personalities. One thing that's unbelievable is the way that the family functions, and how being somewhat unethical helps people get around in the world of family guy. One of the biggest things about this show is how political it is. This political formula of family guy is the example of what makes it funny: It's funny because it's true.

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The interesting thing about bullying is that when bullies meet others, they try to hurt them in various forms. One form is verbal, and they use verbal abuse to make others seem inadequate. They will use qualities that they feel make themselves seem inadequate, and project them onto their victims. For example, some bullies who know they are homosexual and don't happy with it may project this as an inadequacy by calling their victims gay, and many homophobic slurs. If these people were happy with themselves, they would not be out hurting other people. Based on this, their mentality is that if they're not happy, nobody else should be. Perhaps with this knowledge, we can get bullies to stop fighting against us, and even make them our friends.

Posted in Bullying