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Prom Queen of Westeros

Im voting Joffery for the prom queen of all Westeros and you should too! Because absolutely EVERYONE loved Joffery and was SUPER sad when he died.

Posted in Game of Thrones

The Monkey Tail Beard

Yes, its a thing. Apparently the at symbol is not the only think called a "monkey tail". This strange beard is also referred to as a monkey tail and its obvious why. I mean, the beard looks like a monkey's tail!

Posted in Monkey tail

Mark Wood just earned a profile!

Please welcome Mark by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

What To Wear for a Job Interview?

Lots of people have trouble deciding what to wear for a job interview. They like to look their best because it gives them an edge against their competitors. Well here is a great resource for almost any job interview.

Posted in Job interview

No One believed Me

No one would believe me when I told them what a starbucks cardboard cupholder was called so I would show them. Not only is the definition on urban dictionary, but its even on HA HA HA!

Posted in Zarf

What Do Statues Really Mean?

Statues all have meaning based on their placement and the position of the limbs. The more you know!

Posted in Statue

Don't You Hate It When...

Google commonly has very strange results pop up as suggestions. Wether this is on purpose or by accident, here are some of those funky results.

Posted in Googlewhack

False facts

People commonly don't realize how big the United States really is! Here is a picture with the United states used to show scale.

Posted in Geography of the United States