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23 | Army ROTC | Lover of food, culture, arts of all sorts, literature, DIY, and nature. | Sapiosexual

Trinity Washington University

Double Major: Poli-Sci & Int'l Affairs

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3-D Lips

3-D lips using shimmering eyeshadow. Cheap and effective.

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Should be our mission everyday.

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Modest Laughs

I cracked up when I came across this. The struggles of being a Christian woman with curves hard to hide. Small waist? Wide hips? Round you know what? Impossible to hide. Nothing fits perfect. So this is SOOOO me! I know I'm not the only one haha.

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Fly Guy

I'm not sure the source of this photo but thought it'd be inspiration to some fellow fashion luvahs like myself ;-)

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Back in the day....

Wow have times changed! Crazy part? I don't think that's a bad idea. I don't dress skimpy nor am I wearing a burka, I just believe there's limits to everything. You can still feel beautiful without showing everything whether you're showing skin or showing curves and you don't have to wear ugly moo moo dresses. Besides what makes you sexy is how you carry it ;-) . Just my two cents.

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Delicious Linzertorte at the Bavarian Inn!

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German Cuisine

Dining at the Bavarian Inn (West Virginia). Gorgeous Inn & Restaurant, beautiful foliage, and exceptional food!

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Dinner at the Bavarian Inn (West Virginia)

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Great Tutorial! Sorry I had to repost because last link didn't work.

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Great Tutorial!

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